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Opinion:why do death occur more in Ember month and what are the preventive measures to take?

Chibuume 1d

Today case was of a man falling from a roof of three storey building he was mending.He landed with his head but to the glory of God he only had a slight pain and was taken to hospital for proper treatment.This happened at Nnewi,In Umuezena.

We have entered ember month and like every other ember month,death has started occuring in different places with rate higher than other months and most death by accident cases are recorded at the last month of ember month being December. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Some days ago was a case of tanker fuel that caught fire and burnt many people and destroyed many property.First week and second week of this September month claimed the life of four people in a street in Nnewi with minor cases of illness leading to their death.

The question we continue to ask is how do we reduce the high rate of death in Ember month?

Especially In December when we have the high rate cases of road accident.is their any role the government should play to curb this menaces or should we as the masses fold our hands and watch as things get worse? View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Let's share our opinion and suggestions because an Igbo adage says"anyukoo mmamiri onu ogba ufufu".

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