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Nigerians terrorizing the streets of johannesburg shot dead!

Nhlamu 08/12/2020

Call for Nigerians to stop committing crime and terrorizing south Africans might just be answered!

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It is unfortunately that another lives have been lost due, to robbery and unfortunate now it was a failed attempt, the two Nigerian brothers have been alleged been terrorizing the streets of Johannesburg and holding people robberies, and this time it finally become the end of terror as they were shot and killed during a joint an operation, tracking company and crime intelligence after several months, and it became a high speed chase between them and the police.

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Eyewitness have said that everything happened like it was a film, and unfortunately now lives have been lost, it has been alleged that they have been doing robberies, and disturbing the peace of business in and around the area of Johannesburg and also in Kempton park and Midrand, it has also been reported that a CCTV camera has been monitoring their whereabouts, and finally the police caught up with the.

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The security alert where on standby, around the time everything happened and they were able to alert the police who quickly respondent to the call, the high speed chase between the brothers, led to the syndicates crushing into a fence on the side of the bridge and that is where they were finally apprehended.

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
Khanyile · 08/12/2020
Nigerians hard working and highly learned people in the land of lazy people. This their hard work in South Africa. Big ups to SAPS.
DprinceJP · 08/12/2020
Nice one for saps. Good to hear, am a Nigerian but am not a criminal
KatseMangonyane_01 · 08/12/2020
Baba Cele please deal with these criminals decisively otherwise they're making South Africa a banana republic
RoseMkhabela · 08/12/2020
we can do it south Africans are not like coward Zimbabwean let us stand together and fight bad Nigerians

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