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See What Aba Protesters Did To This Army Officers And Their Hilux (PHOTOS)

Kevizzyzealot2511 10/21/2020

Hello fans, another fresh update is right here with you base on the recent happenings going on around you and not only you but us.Remember like I told you , my priority is to keep you updated about the recent happenings around you and many other places.

So many youth came out protesting for the betterment of the country we are in , in the first place they came out freely and many had it in mind to be a peaceful protest but gradually it turned to a numerous disaster . Havoc and bad omen all happening within minutes in the country.

So many states are addressing their protest but this particular people went extra mile in doing these things which they might not know what the outcome might be or the where it might lead them to.

Aba youths today came out in crowd and started chasing the army men that came around in the street for calmness of the disaster not only that, they had the guts in carrying their hilux around driving it and making all sorts of sounds in the street. Truly this has really gone out of hand. See photos below;

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Top Comments
GUEST_0ZP1j06jd · 10/21/2020
Aba Vagabonds and social miscreants are playing with Fire.
GUEST_JJ4j7gqpx · 10/22/2020
Dear writer,get it in your senseless skull that the military has been killing innocent and unarmed protesters.Do you like the situation of things in Nigeria.Now let me ask you.What will bee the consequence as military is bent on perpetrating evil and between killing the protesters and revenge,which is more gruesome?
Emzy_06 · 10/21/2020
they came to threaten the youths they were even trying to intimidate them by shooting but they came back regrouped and the buharis goons had to run,,,,,,,,,,, opera!!!!! I suggest this writer should be suspended.... fake news
GUEST_zmgNJ728Q · 10/22/2020
Great Nigerian Youth Army

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