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Buhari's Daughter Is Going Too Far, See What She Said About Buhari That Got People Talking

Brightgist 10/27/2020

Daughter of Buhari Go Too Far, See What She Talks About Buhari

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Happy Sunday, how your day goes, hope that you come to church or home because of the curfew.

We know about the anarchy in Nigeria when soldiers killed us as a citizen. We know also how the new warehouse has been destroyed and people are taking every thing.

But President Zahra Buhari 's daughter in Nigeria has truly stirred social media, claiming she was posted on Twitter. See what she meant people have thought about.

"Warehouse solutions show that my father is not a problem for Nigeria""

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Fans have spoken about it and reacted to it, see screenshots of how people spoken about it.

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Now that you saw what your speech was about

Who is the Nigerian problem, or what do you think?

Please comment on your views below

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Top Comments
LawrenceScEgwali · 10/27/2020
Thanks for your thoughts that President is not the problems. To throw more lights on the scenario, we must understand that Governance is nothing but Management functions in a larger scale. Management does not entails just distribution of facilities; ...there must be supervision, coordination, feedbacks, accountability and updates from the direct beneficiaries to make the circle round and complete. Governance is not by assumption that what you said or budgeted has reached its ultimate ends. That's armchair management that lacks human face. The President is our President and not any particular person's President; just like a father of many children. So, if you benefit from our father secretly, that doesn't stop his other children who are not feeling his fatherly impact from complaining to him.
CeciliaNjoku · 10/27/2020
He Is Not Nigeria's Problems.
UgomaUkadike · 10/27/2020
you Small rat what do you konw, don't talk when people are talking.
GUEST_PP6WbrOVR · 10/27/2020
Her father died since on the 19th February, 2017. she knew about it.

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