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Goodnews To Nigerian Youths Who Registered With Their "BVN" For The "FG" 75 Billion Loan.

TLucky 10/28/2020

Goodnews To Nigerian Youths Who Registered With "BVN" For The "FG" 75 Billion Loan.

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Good morning, I welcome you to this page Today being Wednesday, 28th of October, 2020. If you have not been following this page, quickly press the button at the top of this page so that you can get vital information and interesting gist. Meanwhile, today i bring the goodnews to all youths that BVN is not a barrier to getting the loan. And those who Registered with Their biometric Verification Number should not panic BVNwillling Nigerian youths who registered with their BVN for the Federal Government loan.

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The Federal Government led by President Muhammadu Buhari who is a lover of Academics and father to all the youths in the nation. Recently, gave the permission to open the portal for Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) Registeration. But currently, so many youths are afraid of Registering simply because of the biometric Verification Number BVN that is among the requirements.

Nigerian youths who Registered, Take Note of this vital information

Note: It is only when you give out the OTP number that will be send to your mobile number linking your account to a fraudster, That is when he or she will defraud you.

I believe you will be free and eligible to register for the program and pray that God should help you so that you will be among those who will be shortlisted.

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Top Comments
AigbeOsaretin_01 · 10/28/2020
yes I tried it yesterday and it was tell me error, or my names do not match with my bvn . and I have been using dis same bvn for other biz transaction
GUEST_416y9P6xw · 10/28/2020
Nonsense, the bubu i know is the one you're calling a lover of Education, make SARS beat ur papa
OzougwuHillary_01 · 10/28/2020
419 fake ooo
Lazyyouths · 10/28/2020
Congratulations to me... I will be shortlisted. because I have a top Official

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