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Filling Station Owner Alhaji Sadick Abubakar Shot Dead This Morning

dailyanalyst1 10/29/2020

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Sad news reaching to our doors this morning suggest that, just this morning staunch businessman and Filling station owner, Alhaji Sadick Abubakar has been shot dead.

Residents of Asuadei woke up this morning to hear a heartbreaking news when filling station owner Alhaji Sadick Abubakar was found dead at his filling station.This incidence happened in Asuadei in Ahafo Ano South District.

According to the reports from one of the eye witness who saw the incidence, there was some four armed men who stormed the facility with pump action gun and fired shots in the air. Alhaji Sadick Abubakar was subsequently shot down by the four men. They quickly disappeared from the scene after shooting the man with taking anything from the filling station . More details and confirmation will come your way later. We are still following this news to get to the root.

We bitterly bemoan the state of insecurity in the country as at this time.

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Top Comments
Al-RasheedGloverIssahr · 10/29/2020
Only in Nana Addo term
GUEST_Pl0Weyx0e · 10/29/2020
The blood-sucking chair moving around the country
GUEST_Wg0EazjdN · 10/29/2020
The writer makes no report about the sad news but just a politician by saying insecurity in the country. The archievement of the writer is not to sympathize but for a political score.
GUEST_MZeYR5Xq6 · 10/29/2020

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