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Battle Of The Two Widows. Who Is The Legitimate Wife Of The Late Mfantseman MP?

ChelseaTimes 10/18/2020

Not long ago Ghanaians were hit with a tragedy that shocked and frightened most people.The member of parliament for the mfantseman constituency the late Hon. Ekow Quansah Hayford was shot and killed after he was returning from a political campaign.

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Ghanaians especially the honorable members of Parliament were shocked and sad to see such an unfortunate incident happen due to the fact they have spoken a lot about the need for MP's to be provided security by the government not long ago and those pleads have not been given attention. Currently the police are investigating the matter and are hoping to catch the culprits sooner than later. As many as five suspects have already been detained for questioning and investigations.

However, what has really made the news recently is the emergence of Mrs. Ophelia Quansah Hayford who is believed to be the wife of the late MP even though his family don't know much about her.

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Sara Quansah Hayford is the well known wife of the late MP who also had children with the late Honorable member of parliament but the sudden emergence of Mrs. Ophelia has gotten a lot of people talking as the two widows battle out for the rights as the legitmate wife to the late Ekow Quansah Hayford.

With all this happening, the question most people have been asking is so who is the legitimate and rightful sucessor of the Late Hon. Ekow Quansah Hayford.

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Top Comments
Bookie · 10/19/2020
very stupid post this morning. what kind of foolishness is this? so, after a man marries for close to 20 years and his wife of that period who everyone knows, suddenly has her illegitimacy questioned after his demise cause another woman has produced a marriage certificate. is this right? what are we teaching our youths and generations to come? when someone tries to steal another's husband and fate has dealt with her, we want to legitimize her existence? no, it's wrong. this should serve as a lesson to all women who wriggle their ways into another's marriage. she is the other woman and not the wife everyone knows and sees with him at rallies. she should go about this decently and humbly because of her kids. but, if she will keep running to the press and making an already bad situation worse, she and the kids will suffer eventually. she should change her tactics and have some sense
GUEST_G10ywR8bd · 10/20/2020
they all deserve to be treated equally
GUEST_JxlmKW8a8 · 10/19/2020
Sarah quansah we r wit u
SarahYawson-Adjei · 10/19/2020
Maybe the MP got involved with her cos of kids. If the late MP's kids are two then it's the second woman's children. She should calm down and do things right cos it's the man who went for her and decided to have kids with her. We have no idea why he got involved with her. His blood kids are with her......SHALOM 🙏🙏🙏

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