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#ENDSARS: Instead of a Curfew, See what Davido said should have happened in Lagos

Favour_Oshiokhai 10/20/2020

In this article we will be looking at what Davido said should have happened in Lagos, instead of a curfew, before we proceed if you would like to stay updated with the latest gists and happenings in Nigeria, hit the Follow button at the top right corner of your screen, Thank you.

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At the beginning of the #EndSars protest, there was peace and unity in the protest ground and in the Country at Large, but recently some thugs and bad boys in the country have hijacked the peaceful protest to fulfill their own desire, which to me is the destabilization among the peaceful protesters.

Yesterday the Edo State Government declared a curfew in the state due to the pandemonium witnessed in the state, today the Lagos State government declared it's own curfew in the state, after experiencing similar pandemonium to that of Edo, in terms of the burning down of police stations, shooting stray bullets to the innocent protesters and other unpeaceful activities.

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Following the announcement of the curfew in Lagos, Davido made his opinion clear of what should have happened instead of a curfew, he supported the action of Governor of Oyo State, Seyi Makinde towards the disruption of the peaceful protest, Governor Seyi Makinde is taking the action of protecting the genuine protesters and restoring normalcy to the state, see the screenshot of his tweet below;

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Governor Seyi Makinde tweeted his next move on Twitter and Davido showed his delight in his action and commented that his action is what should have been done in Lagos. See the screenshot of Davido's tweet below;

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I agree with Davido and Governor Seyi Makinde, since the peaceful protesters are exercising their rights, they should not be locked down in their homes, but instead a team should be deployed to restore normalcy in the state and also protect the protesters, what do you think?

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Top Comments
ChristianIdono · 10/20/2020
the mean reason Why People doesing want to end the protest is because présent now thing are very difficultés for Nigeria 1. of the basic problem food staff are in high aide in the market 2 the leader does not think about the wefar of the People, the minimum wage30000 government can not pay some People work with pravite films still collecting #26000 When bag of rice is #35000. no good road.no Light. thing are getting Bad very day.no Security.government can not fight for the right of citizen all the think about is money how to collect the Little by tax they are many young m'en that ready to marriage but no good job to make money to marriage everybody is taya of what is going on in the country.
Favour_Oshiokhai · 10/20/2020
No doubt, the hoodlums that hijacked the protests were sponsored by the government, especially that of the APC, they are trying to protect their regime
GUEST_dP1Kn5eXV · 10/20/2020
Oyo state Governor has wisdoms not like Lagos Governor
GUEST_e6rLvwLlr · 10/21/2020
Nigeria needs someone like Seyi not Buhari

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