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After Muslims Rained Curses On Aisha Yesufu, See What She Said Made People Pray For Her

Emma20 10/30/2020

Propagating religion is out of it.

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 The Muslims have been blasting Aisha Yesufu, because she joined people to protest against the bad conduct of the government and to put an end to SARS.

 After the Muslims have been raining abuses on Aisha Yesufu, she took to her official Twitter page to share a post .

 She wrote :

"Heard am being cursed in Mosques , people finish praying and take out time to curse me in their prayers ,I have asked they should please let me know how many cursed they rained on me when I was making demand on Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. We are all already cursed in Nigeria.

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See people's reactions

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 What she posted aroused the attention of many people and since she posted it people have been praying for her , telling God to guide and protect her .

Please let's pray that nothing should happen to her.

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Top Comments
Taka · 10/30/2020
This devil that calls herself Aisha will surely count her losses. that is why many of her fans are christians enemies of Islam.
Paddie_13 · 10/30/2020
We shall continue to rain curses on her who cares
GUEST_ykZvBMdxE · 10/30/2020
Their causes will go back to them sycophants
MiyattiAllah · 10/30/2020
The only northern Muslim that doesn't support evil and injustice in government.

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