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Good news: Cabinet has accepted to lift the ban of cigarettes and tobacco products

Prince_Leadership_Thoughts 07/2/2020

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In Yesterday session with the country, the President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa was asked to lift the ban of cigarettes and he kindly replied and said he will lift the ban of cigarettes.

Most citizens were happy to hear that Ramaphosa himself is going to lift the ban of cigarettes. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma has also lost her court battle against tobacco traders and now it's up to Ramaphosa to take matters to his hands.

Ramaphosa told the nation that he has considered to lift the ban of cigarettes and tobacco products however he hasn't decided on the date as to when it will happen.

Tito Mboweni the minister of Finance from the beginning of the ban he was against the ban of cigarettes because the government gets a lot of money from tobacco products and the government would loose money if they continue with the ban.

Ramaphosa needs to be supported by the whole cabinet and accept that the government has implemented something that they couldn't control and they also broke their own law too, they just need to let tobacco products continue to sell in South Africa because many people depend on them.

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
GUEST_1bXBkwz1K · 07/2/2020
Great news because here in the country most of the people smoke for 40year and is addicted.The problem is they spend a lot of money on the fake back door sigarette.Most of is poor and used the money to buy that expensive sigarrete and let them children suffer example they got a 10 they will either bought a sigarette as buy a bread for the children so please President of South Africa lift the ban .We fight a virus not sigarete and I thank you President Ramaposa
SharonGoch · 07/2/2020
How true is this because nobody can trust the government!!!!!!!
MarkNaidoo · 07/2/2020
please lift the ban with urgency Mr. presedent
GUEST_WNgjJoA9g · 07/2/2020
probably fake news again. Seeing is believing!!!!

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