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See how to use your 3" pencil to satisfy your woman.

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Lots of men that has smaller pencil have been looking for how to grow it to be able to satisfy their partners, some people drink all kinds of medicine to no avail, so people used all types of equipment still it didn't work out., some men feel ashamed to even talk about their experiences or open up that they have a smaller pencil.

Some girls call it pencil or cigarette because of the size and they make fun of it which makes such people with smaller one feel incomplete.

You are complete and unic as God created you so you should not feel ashamed about it. If your partner is not comfortable with your pencil size then quit her because she will likely cheat on you or disgrace you outside one day.

If yours is too short then this is what you will do to still satisfy your partner..

Always play and romance with her at least for 3 mins before you enter the paradise, while playing you should make sure you touch and rub all part of her body especially especially those sensitive part parts. If she allows you then suck her breast very well because it helps to prevent breast cancer.

Use your fingers to penetrate her paradise and make her reach her orgasm, also when you finally start the penetration make sure you don't always normal style which is the default way. You should try every style to know which one that will help your small pencil to enter deeper more. When you do all this you will discover that you can satisfy her with your short pencil.

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