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Car Catches Fire In Indian Ocean Mombasa

Mnews_World 10/22/2020

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A car has caught fire in the Indian Ocean leaving Coastarians mouths wide opened as they get schocked with the incident. The car which was having a number of people visiting the Mombasa Beach was packed at the shore of the ocean.

According to the witnesses, the owner of the car went to the ocean to swim while the car packed at the show. Little did they knew that the car was leaking petrol till it caught fire. The incident has happened at around 5.10PM when the sun was setting in the coastal region.

The burning car has left people at the beach worried about the incident. Some of the. Says that it's common for such things to happen at the Indian Ocean. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

The Indian Ocean has over the last 7 months caused more accidents especially at the Kenya Ferry in Likoni where a car sunk in the Ocean causing the death of a mother and a child. The other incident is when the Kenyatta University bus slided to enter into the ocean only that it was rescued by a number people who were at the incident.

Source: opera.com
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